Put Your Minutes Where Your Mouth Is

A HUGE difference between the leaders who make things happen and those who do not is how they prioritize their time.

Leaders who make things happen schedule their lives around what needs to get done. Leaders who don’t make things happen do the exact opposite, scheduling what needs to get done around their lives.

The difference is priorities.

What are most people spending time on that I could probably live without?

This is to know thyself.

If you’re spending half the “workday” cleaning out your inbox, maybe it’s time to start waking up at five. Leadership is not exclusive to 8-hour windows. You have to set the tone. If you possess a 9-5 mentality, so will the people you are leading. Every leader I’ve met who is really killing it puts in an average of around 80 HOURS PER WEEK!

Leaders have to think like entrepreneurs. It’s funny to me that I’ve never seen an entrepreneur just standing around the water cooler with a cup of coffee. The doers don’t have time for that; they’re too busy grinding away. The bottom line is that success is built by chunks of time. And a successful leader has that time built in.

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