#MeetTheFamily: Lyle Wolf

I first met Coach Williams while I was working the Marquette basketball camps. I got to know Coach Buzz along with other staff members and after a year of really staying connected with them I was fortunate enough to where Coach brought me on as a graduate assistant. I was at Marquette with Coach for 2 years and then was fortunate enough to join him here at Virginia Tech.

There hasn’t been one person who has had a bigger impact on my life than Coach Williams. Coach has taken care of me in a lot of ways, not just “here’s your job” but he’s helped me on how to develop as both a person and a coach. I really appreciate how Coach Williams takes care of our guys, our family, he’s kind of like a second father figure in a lot of ways.

A lot of what Coach Williams does with myself and others is that he allows us to grow as individuals, and as who we are as people. Coach is a great leader because he doesn’t micro mange us but rather allows us to flourish as leaders, as people and enables us to maximize our abilities and what we’re truly best at.

So again I’m definitely very fortunate to be with him, and hope I can stay with him for a long long time. I feel a part of family, not a staff. I hope to stay here with Coach Williams as long as possible because building a family like this anywhere else would be very tough.

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