#MeetTheFamily: David Jackson

I first met Buzz when he got hired and I right away knew he was special and unique because he was so family oriented. Everyone came with him. Right away, he wanted family involved, he wanted my wife and other wives to come to the gym, he started Hokies, Hoops & Heels. Buzz cares about my family, he cares about all of the coaches, their kids and their family.

It starts with the players, he’s not just about basketball, it’s almost second or third. It’s really about becoming the best you can be, hashtag get better is what he always says but it’s with all of us on a daily basis in everything we do now.

Buzz is constantly reading, he’s such an avid reader and everyday we check our mailbox upstairs and there’s something new in there to help us improve. It’s almost never basketball, it’s something like, are you saving enough money to set yourself up later in life for yourself, for your child, for your family? Coach Buzz really puts his words to practice each and every day, whether it’s on the court, in the gym, in the office, or what he leaves for us to read daily in our mailbox.

I am so blessed to get to know Coach Williams. One of the best things that happened was he asked me to train him, help him get in shape, and to get stronger. So every day I get to pick his brain about what he read last or the latest thing I should know about, he’s always giving me great advice. I absolutely adore him, I love him, I’m so fortunate that he’s here now.

I played here, so I’m invested in this school, I got my Master’s here and now I’ve worked here for 10 years. Coach Buzz is an amazing individual, more amazing as a person than he is as a coach, and he’s both, he’s an amazing coach as well so that says a lot. I can’t say enough good things about him, he’s changed the path for my family more than anything.

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