Boot Camp

A new city, a new school, a new job, a new coach…and I am one of the two new guys on the entire staff. After spending the last two seasons in the PAC-12, I was one of the two hires Coach Williams made that didn’t come with him from his previous post. From my first day here, I was thrust into the mix of kid’s camps, long nights, early mornings, and the constant reminder of “When boot camp starts.” One coach even told me he was opting to run to the office from his house in the morning so he could physically prepare his body for what was in store; this was in early August, two months before Day 1 of boot camp would take place. I went home and did what most of the under 40 generation does when they want to learn more about something. I turned to Google and YouTube to fill me in. I discovered that other schools like Kansas hold something similar while still being reminded to, “Just wait and you’ll see what it is we do here.”

If I know anything I know this: We can’t successfully live life in the rear view mirror. We can, however learn much from our past experiences and from other people. I have found it to be very useful to reflect on those learning’s from time to time. In fact just taking the time to be thoughtful about what we are learning or have learned in the past can help us be more successful in the future. At 65 I know much today that I didn’t used to know. Let me share 5 things I didn’t know when I was 42 but wish I did. 1. Relationships are not important they are everything. I used to believe relationships were important but I now know they are everything! The quality of our life is in many ways dependent on the quality of our relationships. When we have many high quality relationships we likely have a high quality life. The relationship we have with our maker, our spouse or significant other, our children, our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers…and with ourselves really, really, matters. Investing in making those relationships the best we can by giving of ourselves creates a high quality and rewarding life.