September Basketball Thoughts

  • Good coaches know X’s & O’s. Great coaches know their players

  • Don’t ever take a low maintenance player for granted. Very important to winning.

  • For winners, losing inspires them, for losers, losing defeats them.

  • “Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear” – John Madden

  • “Don’t coach and teach too much about where you want to be, coach and teach where you are as a team right now, and what you want to do right now in order to play your best.” – John Wooden

  • Recruit guys that don’t need a play called to make a play

  • Everything is about your staff

  • Evaluate talent with your eyes, not your ears

  • What stops a player from reaching his POTENTIAL?

    – Uncoachable

    – Low pain threshold

    – Low IQ for basketball

    – Selfishness

    – Will not do the little things

    – Drugs & alcohol

    – Academics

  • Get the WINNERS into the games!

  • COACHING is overrated; LEADERSHIP is not!

  • One of the keys to coaching is to develop the self-discipline to focus on fewer things

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