My Family: 2 Girls & More Than 100 Boys


When I’m asked by someone, “How many kids do you have?” I say 4, 2 boys 2 girls. Because if I say I have 2 girls and more than 100 boys they would look at me like I was crazy.

It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to be married to a coach and I can’t speak for all coaches wives, because your answer depends on which coach you are married to. For me it’s an easy answer. It’s an amazing life I get to live. When we got married we both knew we wanted a big family, and we have been blessed with 4 healthy, wonderful children. But as the years have past, I have realized that we have been blessed by so many more children than just our own. These young men that we get to be around really do become part of our family. Even though I don’t get to see them every single day, I ask about them, I pray for them, I worry about them, I stick up for them.

At first I think they are thrown off by my presence or just how much he talks about me and our kids, but as time goes by they begin to know that he truly is all about family. One of the greatest things about this life is getting to watch these young boys discover a world bigger than basketball. I get to watch them go from boys to young men not only in their physical ability but also in their hearts and minds.

As I write this, all that I want to say about my husband and who he is and how he cares just sounds cheesy and made up for show. But I guess, as I have learned in this life, I can’t worry about the people who will criticize and judge, because I know if they were part of our team, a part of our Family, they would get it and forever be changed.

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