Buzz’s Bunch is a non-profit organization that Coach Buzz Williams created when he was first named head coach at Marquette University.


Coach Williams created Buzz’s Bunch as a way to bring together children with disabilities and allow them to fall in love with the game of basketball.

The group has evolved into so much more over the  years.  In Milwaukee, our group of Buzz’s Bunch members grew fast and we were able to create unforgettable relationships and memories.


Every player, coach, and staff member has been lucky enough to learn from these children and be touched by them.


We are very excited to continue to grow a Buzz’s Bunch group here in the Blacksburg community, and look forward to continuing to team up with those in Milwaukee who have been on the team from the start!

Joining Buzz's Bunch

Being a member of Buzz’s Bunch includes an invitation to a Buzz’s Bunch camp over the summer. There is zero cost for our members. This event will include lunch, free t-shirt, and spending time with our team and staff. Additionally you can expect a Buzz’s Bunch event near the end of every year.


A calendar is also sent out at the beginning of the New Year featuring pictures from the past year’s events.  We want to keep in touch with our members throughout the year and continue to build and nurture that relationship.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Buzz’s Bunch, please email with the individual’s name, preferred email address, mailing address, and phone number.


“Since that initial note Coach Williams has sent us three notes and two packages. Our son has written the coach and despite trying to regain his strength Russell is pushing himself to shoot baskets and wants to learn more about the game. All this has been some of the best medicine he has received and ranks up there in terms of help with what the medical specialists have provided… After years of searching for answers we think we have won the battle for our son’s life. We can see it in his face and can’t thank those who helped make a difference.”


“Kelly’s a cancer survivor, and we were at Children’s Hospital for a cancer recheck,” Robbin Lyons said. “The elevators open, and all I see are knees. Buzz is there with his players, visiting with some kids, and these guys are so tall. Kelly is tiny, but she steps out [of the elevator] and puts her hands on her hips and says, ‘Hello boys.’ One of those had-to-be-there moments.”


“It was like a movie,” Neitman said. “Darius was standing outside with Jimmy [Butler] and some other guys. We’re coming around the corner, and they locked eyes, and Darius ran up to Logan and grabbed him and they both started crying in each other’s arms outside the gym. All of that started with Buzz inviting us to practice.”